Described as “The Alpine water with a superior consciousness”, MonViso made waves in 2017 with its local CSR initiative supporting the Al Jalila Foundation. Read on to find out how the brand plans to continue making a difference, one bottle at a time…

We drink far more than our fair share of bottled water here in the UAE, but as a country seeking to tackle future water supply concerns, doing so in the way that has the least environmental and social impact is key.  And that’s where MonViso comes in.

It’s charitable

MonViso’s ‘Take Water. Give Life’ initiative, launched locally in January 2017, saw the brand pair up with the global philanthropic Al Jalila Foundation to raise funds for its medical research and education programmes. Throughout 2017, for every litre bottle of MonViso purchased through participating retailers, the company donated Dhs1 to the programme.

It’s eco-conscious

The brand is also eco-conscious. It recently teamed up with Home Cycle to launch a recycling programme for homes using MonViso bottles. Proceeds from the net sale of the plastic will also go to Al Jalila.

It makes life easy

Lugging great big bottles of water home from the supermarket could best be described as a pain in the neck (sometimes literally). But MonViso’s mobile app, through which individuals can order home or office deliveries with a click, makes shopping for water, and giving to charity in the process, easier than ever. Given Dubai’s vision of being the “smartest city in the world”, it’s a definite step forward.

Fast Facts

01. While the water hails from Italy’s Cottian Alps, MonViso also considers itself a UAE brand. The company was launched in Dubai, and the UAE serves as its permanent adopted country.

02. Its 100 per cent natural mineral water is pure at its origin and bottled at source, meaning it meets the official definition of mineral water based on tough European and Italian regulations.

03. In May 2013, the Italian region where MonViso water sources were discovered was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Holding the record for Europe’s highest source, it’s worth noting that the higher the source, the greater the likelihood of a pristine environment and high water quality.

04. MonViso is minimally mineralised and boasts extremely low sodium levels, making it suitable for the preparation of baby formula and foods, as recognised by the Italian ministry of health.