DEWA joins forces with Surge and UAE Water Aid for conservation awareness programme in schools

With 2,300 deaths occurring globally each day due to a lack of access to safe drinking water, and more than 2.4 billion people lacking in basic sanitation needs, water conservation has never been more important – and few understand the problem better than the team at Surge, an international charity dedicated to providing universal access.

Now, the organisation has joined forces with DEWA and UAE Water Aid for a conservation awareness programme in the UAE’s schools, which will aim to reach 3,600 youngsters by the end of the current academic year.

The collaboration comes amid increasing concern over water scarcity across the Gulf region, with desalination remaining an essential part of the water security picture in the UAE and reducing consumption key to the country’s Vision 2021 plan.

Students taking part in the initiative will each receive a water passport that will be stamped each time they complete one of four group activities designed to encourage them to conserve natural resources and reduce water wastage.

Linda Merieau, director of Surge’s education programmes, says “The Surge programme has shown 93 per cent of students take the message home and share it with parents and family members, and over 81 per cent of students make a change in their daily habits, most commonly turning off taps when brushing teeth, using less water washing hands and dishes and taking shorter showers. Children are the future, so we must ensure they are conscientious water stewards.”