The return of Ripe’s outdoor markets is always a chief indicator that winter has arrived, but that’s not to say we’re always organised enough to get in our week’s supplies on a Friday jaunt – surely we can’t be the only ones to have returned home with new shoes, a dress, some bath toys and no carrots?

Now, help is at hand, thanks to the launch of not one but two new Ripe Organic Farm Shops in Jumeirah and Mirdif, both open seven days a week. You’ll find the expected selection of organic fruit and vegetables, but there’s plenty more for your basket too, from free range organic eggs and dairy alternatives to gluten-free bread, local honey and even cleaning products, not to mention Ripe’s own range of superfoods, oils, nut butters and snacks. The best part? That’s more time for eating, shoe shopping and general mooching about without any shopping list guilt on a Friday. Happy days.

Town Centre Mall, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, daily 7am to 7pm. Tel: (04)3807602. Taxi: Town Centre Mall.

Also at Park Centre Mall, Mirdif, and Al Manara.