Worried about how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise programme amid this month’s festive fun? It might seem challenging, but these simple tricks from the experts at Daman Health could go a long way to getting you through to New Year’s Day unscathed…

#01 Set your alarm and wake up early

Waking up that little bit earlier allows you to make a positive start to your day with an energising morning workout. Exercising early can help you feel switched-on and productive as you tackle your tasks for the day and getting your daily workout in sharp will leave you able to enjoy the rest of your day guilt-free. This will also help you to maintain your sleep patterns – try to get to bed a little bit earlier on nights when you’re staying in, to ensure you give yourself plenty of time for rest and recovery.

#02 Turn your commute into a fitness opportunity

Running is not only a great workout, it’s also a reliable form of transportation, so why not leave the car at home and make your way to work on foot? Daman’s ActiveLife ambassador and double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes has some tips to free yourself up to enjoy your morning run. “If you can take your clothes to the office at the start of the week that leaves you to enjoy your run without having to carry a bag of clothes on your back every day. Starting my day with a run wakes me up and I feel focused and ready to take on the day’s challenges.”

If you don’t enjoy running, or are lacking changing facilities at work, walking is a great alternative. Build up by gradually parking further away from your office, or getting off the Metro one stop earlier on your commute. It’s all about gradually increasing your workouts to reach your personal goals.

#03 Squeeze in a lunchtime activity

When it comes to exercise, every little bit really does count, as demonstrated by the recent Dubai Fitness Challenge, which invited people to add just 30 minutes of exercise to their daily routines. Make the most of your precious lunch break, and resist the urge to spend it checking your social media, by getting away from your desk and active. If you are lucky enough to have gym access nearby then you can easily fit in a quick workout before heading back to eat your lunch. Another option is to take a walk outside or even just around the office with a co-worker. Adding some stretches at your desk will also help you feel more mobile and is an ideal option for those just getting started. Make this small change the next time you find yourself watching videos in your down time, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of getting moving and doing something that gets your heart pumping instead.

#04 Workout after work

Although challenging, it is still possible to get your daily dose of exercise in the evening at the end of a busy working day. Try this tip from Omar Nour, professional triathlete and Daman ambassador. “Challenge your colleagues to get active with you – Daman’s ActiveLife provides several free events that offer a fantastic platform to be social while getting fit. Head to TrainDubai, TrainYas or TrainZSC and
join the growing community of walkers, runners and cyclists of all abilities. Exercise is a great way to get to know your co-workers better too, making work that little bit more enjoyable.”

#05 Make your kids part of your workout

Kids don’t have to be an excuse to mess up your exercise regime. They can actually be an asset to meeting your goals so involving the whole family is a great way to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. You may
want to invest in a jogging stroller and
head to StartYas or GoYas by Daman’s ActiveLife. The track provides a safe place for you to meet up with other families and get active with your young ones. These events take place every Sunday and Wednesday evening, and are completely free. Taking your kids with you also saves money on babysitting. Register at yasmarinacircuit.com.

#06 Make every staircase a step challenge

Leaving the lift to take the stairs at work is a great way to burn calories during office hours. If you’re on the 50th floor and stairs are not an option, consider getting off the elevator a few floors earlier and walking the rest of the way. You can gradually increase by one floor a week as your fitness improves, or you could take the lift up and walk down.

If you want to take it to the next level then join the step challenge at TrainZSC in Zayed Sports City’s national stadium every Monday from 6-9pm. This is another completely free event from Daman’s ActiveLife, with activities on offer for the whole family including bouncy castles for the kids. Omar Nour says: “TrainZSC is all about your personal goals, whether that is walking one lap of the stadium, or racing your friends over five laps.”

Register at trainzsc.com

#07 Prep your meals in advance

Cooking a batch of healthy food on the weekend, breaking it up into smaller meals and freezing it for the week ahead is a great way to stay in control of your eating while busy. This takes an extra hour out of your weekend but will save you so much time and effort later in the week. This extra time gives you more hours to fit work in, spend time with family and to get outside and exercise.

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