Simon Hunt, founder of Above Sandboards, shares his hip UAE insider tips

My favourite breakfast spot in Dubai

There is one place that really has my heart in this city and that’s Raju Omelet. Who knew that curry and eggs could ever be so good? Tom & Serg is still an old favorite, and a new one that I’ve just found is a little place called Jolie floral boutique café in City Walk. It’s really pretty, you should go and check that out.

My favourite date night destination

My wife and I love exploring the little places in the older, more cultural parts of Dubai, so we like to hunt down a new spot in Deira or Karama for our date nights. They are always so tasty, cheap and fun. Our last date was to Eric’s in Karama.

My favourite way to keep cool during summer

I really love being outdoors and I still try to make that happen during the hotter months. One way is by heading over to Oman to go scuba diving. The Musandam has many beautiful dive sites, and the water is always much cooler when you’re 20 metres below sea level!

My favourite barber

When I need a haircut, I visit Chaps & Co in JLT. But when I need a beard trim I honestly just head to Satwa and visit any barber. Those dudes are my beard mentors. The last one I went to was called Miami Saloon, and I went in purely because of their rad signage outside.

My favourite art gallery

I really appreciate what The MINE gallery brings to Dubai. They provide art enthusiasts with affordable, off-the-wall art and I like that they mix emerging talent with some old-school heroes, too.

My favourite community event

The Farmers’ Market on the grass in Business Bay is such a great way to spend a Friday morning. You’ll find cheap and organic veggies straight from the farmers, and there’s always great coffee. There’s also a newly opened artist-run space in Business Bay called Blue Cave. They are going to start public events soon, too, which I’m really excited about.

My favourite desert spot

The UAE’s sandboarding crew is always discovering new spots in the desert to ride. My current favourite is out behind Fossil rock. There is this massive sand drift up the rocks and it is an enormous run – I’d say it’s even bigger than Ski Dubai.