Nadine Tayara and Maria Abi Hanna, Founders of nutrition consultancy KeepEATreal and new healthy delivery app PLOTOS, share their UAE insider knowledge

Our favourite place to eat

Maria: Lately we’ve been spending a lot of our days at Bystro, whether it be for breakfast or a late lunch. It’s a perfect place for us to work from and, honestly, you can’t go wrong with their food. We love their high communal table so if you ever lose us, you’ll probably find us there.

Our favourite takeaway

Nadine: We really love ordering takeaways, especially when our schedule is so hectic, but sometimes it’s really difficult to get proper healthy food in the UAE. That’s why we started PLOTOS so we could get healthy, yet trendy and tasty, food delivered to our door – and everyone else’s! One of Maria’s favourite places to order from on PLOTOS is Miyabi Sushi. She always picks the California maki roll and the rainbow rolls. We are also both addicts of The Salad Jar. Their desert chop is a weekly order of ours…

Our favourite fitness class

N: My favourite sessions are the one-on-one yoga lessons I have with my private yoga teacher, Steph. I really just disconnect from the world for a whole hour and focus on myself.

M: My favourite way to keep fit is doing a few laps in my pool. It totally helps me to relax.

Our favourite way to unwind

M: Reading a good book by the sea.

N: Though I am far from being an artist or painter, I really enjoy painting on canvas or just colouring.

Our favourite grocery shop

M: I must say Instashop is one of my favorites. It’s such a practical option for day-to-day necessities.

N: It’ll have to be either Spinneys or Waitrose for me. I can easily spend an hour going through the store looking for new items. I recently discovered that Carrefour has a whole new section for healthy items, so I have started scouting around those aisles too.

Our favourite hidden gem

M: I recently went to Elia in Bur Dubai and I was so impressed with the place. I loved the environment and the authentic Greek food. A definite hidden gem in my eyes.

N: I love photography and finding new places to take pictures is something I am always searching for. I love going to The Terrace, in Ras Al Khor, as it has an unbeatable skyline view and it’s probably the best sunset spot in the city too. +