Katherine Raso, partner at Copia Group, a communication and lifestyle management company, gives us a peek at all her favorite Dubai haunts

My favorite day out

Summer is now officially here so the day out becomes the ‘day-in’. My favourite during the high-season is the Farmer’s Market at Bay Square founded by Baker&Spice. The produce is all locally grown and often picked that morning – it’s authentic and genuine. It’s also a meeting place – you are always sure to run into someone you know.


It’s so important for mental health to keep active. It also helps to keep me nicely ‘tucked in’ and tidy. I do reformer pilates at Motion Fitness a few times a week. The trainer Sandra puts us through a rigorous and challenging class that makes us sweat and sometimes moan. I find pilates is the best for muscle tone and strength. I also enjoy a nice run on the beach in the early morning or at sunset. We’re so lucky to live in a place that allows us to be outside most of the year. I don’t mind the heat as I come from Canada, which has a very, very long winter.

Favourite place to unwind

No question – Amara Spa at the Park Hyatt. It’s one of the best spas and poolside spots in Dubai. I have been going for ten years and the staff know me well. After a day by the pool, sundowners by the water at Noepe on a Saturday is the perfect way to keep the weekend from ending.

My go-to beauty salon

It has to be Sugar Beauty – they do it all. Hair, nails, eyelash extensions, you name it. They have easy locations (like Mall Of The Emirates and Motor City) and the best staff. I have long hair that frizzes in the humidity and they have the team to tame it into nice, luscious beach waves. They also have the best eyelash extensions that ensure I spend limited time in the morning beautifying. Their colour selection of OPI is the largest of any salon in Dubai, so my nails are always up to date.

Favorite hidden Gem

A place that is quickly becoming the ‘not so hidden’ gem – 3fils. A remarkable tiny (and I mean maybe thirty seats) restaurant at the Dubai fishing harbor that doesn’t take reservations. It costs a little more than three fils but any place that can do sushi, noodles and a burger all to perfection deserves five stars. With all the fancy get-ups in Dubai, this one is so simple and easy. You can walk up in flip flops, joggers and a T-shirt. No heels necessary.