Dubai-based illustrator and co-founder of creative design firm We Are Seven Minutes, Dina Sami, shares her UAE insider knowledge

My favourite art gallery

It would have to be Blue Cave. Its workshops with artists aren’t the usual painting and drawing ones, they’re a bit different, so it’s always exciting.

My favourite place for inspiration

For me, it’s less about one place and more about travelling as much as possible. Seeing how people live, their habits, food and lifestyles, and learning about everything, from books and shows to recipes. Knowledge is inspiration.

My favourite way to unwind

Hanging out with the people I love with a sketchbook and a pen.

My favourite UAE-based artists

I love Sara Al Arif. She’s doing awesome, very different and unique work that is right up my alley. She’s cool.

My favourite homegrown company

It would have to be Salt. They brought the whole concept of food trucks to Dubai, but they were also focused on creating an experience. Their design and branding is solid and they’re always reinventing themselves.

My favourite murals in the city

Driving through Satwa brings back so many memories of growing up here. Seeing art infused within the city’s streets is always refreshing to look at, and I think it now blends nicely with its surroundings.

My favourite illustrations I’ve done

It would have to be my work for the Apple store in Dubai Mall. I got to work with an awesome team from Apple who really allowed my style to flourish, and the result really brings together a story about the place I love and call home, Dubai.