With more than 200 years of experience producing lamb and beef, Australian farmers – many of whom come from generations of farmers – are passionate about producing tasty, nutritious, healthy meat for their customers worldwide. Here we speak to 34-year-old lamb farmer Josh Hancock from Fairways Farm, South Australia, about his typical day and why Australian lamb is just so good.

Describe your day-to-day life on the farm?

My routine varies quite a bit depending on the time of year. After preparing two active boys for the day ahead, the following roles fill my day.

Animal health and husbandry is a key on-going responsibility – ensuring all livestock are fed, watered and in good health. This involves checking water points, ensuring the animals have access to feed and, in some cases, hand feeding with hay or grain, paying attention to the condition and temperament of the stock to ensure good health. This may also involve crutching, shearing and drenching.

Managing feed is another key role as feed quality and quantity are, in many ways, the driving forces of our business. Without adequate feed it is difficult to produce lamb to the quality our international markets require.

Inside the farmhouse, there is a need for time spent in the office on things like animal health records, paddock records, stock records and general paperwork. I also spend time marketing our lamb throughout the summer.

What’s your farm environment like?

Our farm is a good balance of high ground and flats, providing us with the right country for breeding prime lambs. Our ranges, which have dense trees, provide warmth and shelter in the winter months while ewes are lambing while the flats grow quality feed for livestock to utilise in the spring and summer.

How did you get into farming?

After studying at university, I decided to return to our family farm where I grew up. I am the fourth generation running the business and still work daily with my father. I have been back on the farm for 14 years and in that time our business has seen many changes to improve our productivity and security into the future. I am one of those lucky people who love their job and enjoy the challenge. The future of this industry excites me and I look forward to watching the next generation continue the journey we are on.

What is special about your lamb?

Our lamb is bred, born and finished on farm… cared for using the best biosecurity and animal welfare standards. From birth, lambs are closely monitored ensuring appropriate nutrition, animal health and general wellbeing to maximise lamb production, eating quality and a happy paddock life. We also limit the use of chemicals. Our family loves quality lamb and we have a strong focus on producing a consistent product, so that every experience eating lamb is a great one.

Why should we choose Australian lamb?

Australian Llamb is a quality product providing great taste and eating experiences around the world. The stringent standards producers like ourselves follow to supply lamb can give consumers confidence that they are eating the best quality lamb, grown to the highest standard every time. Consumers in the Middle East can also have confidence that this great product has been processed under the Australian halal system. If you’re going to eat lamb, you should eat the best lamb available – Australian lamb.

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