Get the kids involved in some Christmas crafting with this bauble wreath project, created by ReMade DXB’s Theresa Tsui. Fun, festive and effective, yet oh-so-straightforward, you’ll find everything you need for the project at Al-Futtaim ACE.

What you’ll need:

20 large baubles

20 medium baubles

20 small baubles

3 oval baubles

1 wire coat hanger (the freebie from the dry cleaners is perfect)

1 string of tinsel

1 bow


1) To start, unwrap your wire coat hanger at the top so you have two open ends. Bend it into a rough circle shape. 2) Check the baubles and add a dab of glue to any loose bauble caps to secure them at this stage. It’s much trickier to do this once you’ve assembled the wreath. 3) Start stringing the baubles on the hanger, one at a time. If you are using a variety of colours, it’s good to have a strategy before you start as you’ll want to alternate your sizes and colours for maximum impact. At first, your wreath will look a bit sparse and sad, but I promise, just keep on threading and it will all come together. 4) Once all your baubles are threaded onto the wire, close the loop by twisting the two ends of the coathanger back together.  5) Take the tinsel string and wrap any exposed sections of hanger. 5) Finish by tying a bow or tinsel around the join – you could even go all out by adding some jungle bells. 6) Done? Grab a mince pie, sit back and admire.