Fashion. Some of it’s great, some of it’s less so. But when it comes to homewares trends, 2018 is throwing up a host of stylish options that’ll have your home looking fresh and modern in no time (even if you’re still doing the school run in your sweatpants)

The ringing in of the New Year often brings with it a desire to update and refresh various aspects of our lives, including our homes. As 2018 stretches ahead, some key trends in interior design are emerging that, if included either in a full makeover or just as some simple tweaks, will help keep your home looking current.

Interiors trends tend to reflect the wider societal mood and, as such, we can expect to see an increased desire for design that promotes warmth and human interaction, while still retaining a luxurious feel. There is also a renewed appreciation for handmade items crafted by skilled artisans, and a celebration of the beauty to be found in sometimes imperfect natural materials.

One of the most marked shifts relates to colour. Grey’s recent decorative stronghold looks to be weakening, with a move back towards warmer neutrals such as cream, beige and brown. Grey devotees out there can always ease their way in with bridging shades such as taupe and ‘greige’.

Rich, earthy hues that add warmth and depth, but remain muted in tone, are also proving popular as people move away from monochromatic schemes and seek to add more colour to their homes. Mustard yellow, dusty peach and terracotta are all shades that have a retro feel, but which can be used to give a calm, contemporary look. Jotun’s Silent Serenity collection includes the paint colours Savanna Sunset, pictured, and Soft Skin, which demonstrate the softening effect these shades can have on your walls.

Where fashion leads, interior design often follows. Velvet was seen on many a runway this winter and it will also be a key textile for home furnishings in the coming year.  Velvet upholstered furniture will always give a luxe feel, as will velvet curtains. The simple shape of these chairs is elevated by the rich colour and texture of Zoffany’s Conway Velvet, available from The Style Library ME. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the trend, you can always add a hint of glamour with some velvet cushions. Leather is another textile that will be used for accessories, trims and other furniture, expanding past its more traditional use as an upholstery fabric for sofas and chairs. Leather detailing adds a tough yet sophisticated edge to otherwise conventional decor.

Pale wood has dominated for the past few years due to the enduring popularity of Scandinavian-inspired interiors. However, that looks set to change, with darker-toned woods featuring in many trend forecasts. Walnut, mahogany and ebony are three types of naturally darker wood, although any piece of solid wood furniture can be stained to give a refined finish. Laying dark wood flooring is another way to incorporate the trend, and will serve both to update the look of your home and add greater warmth than is offered by the ubiquitous UAE tiles.

Tough-luxe materials such as marble, granite and stone will continue to prove popular choices for furniture and accessories, alongside relative newcomer concrete. These edgy, imperfect materials provide the perfect counterpoint to contrast with, and balance out, more glamorous elements such as rich fabrics, statement lighting and metallic accents.

The recent resurgence of mid-century modern design has meant furniture with clean lines and minimal detailing. While simplicity of design with a high level of functionality is still very much sought after, we can expect to see movement away from the strongly linear and towards the organically curved. Danish brand &Tradition’s sublime FLY sofa, available from D.Tales, is a beautiful example of this shift.

While some interiors fads are admittedly fleeting in nature, the desire for increased warmth and comfort in our homes, both physical and metaphorical, seems to be one 2018 trend that is here to stay.