Approaching your interiors with the idea of bringing the outdoors in is a trend that’s very much here to stay. In our parents’ day, faux flower arrangements, bowls of potpourri and seashells strewn across every surface were the go-to pieces for that back-to-nature vibe, but we’re happy to report that nowadays, natural decor is far more diverse, and far less cringe-worthy.

Autumn inspiration

From pillows to pottery, coat hooks to wallpaper, the nature motif is everywhere this season. For autumnal inspiration, check out the fall collection at Interiors Dubai, featuring earthy tones and outdoor influences, including rustic side tables by Bernhardt, made from genuine fossil wood, or bronze leaves by Uttermost that can be displayed on your walls or tabletop.

You can even embrace the simple but satisfying DIY route by filling a bowl with pine cones for a dining table centrepiece, arranging bare branches in a tall vase, or placing a larger branch atop a bookshelf.

A new leaf

The most obvious way to bring outdoor elements into any living space is through potted plants and greenery. Don’t let a black thumb prevent you from picking up an easy-to-care-for plant to add life – and fresher, purified air – to each room of your home.

For something sturdy, consider a succulent, such as aloe vera or burro tail, which look great in a white or concrete pot. Ferns are a fabulous choice for indoors, too – we love the Boston fern, which is so feathery and chic. Corn plants last for years, and philodendrons barely need any work; just let them grow. Or go for simple stalks of bamboo: cheap, easy and Zen.

Easy being green

According to the experts at Home and Soul in Dubai, one of the easiest ways to bring greenery into your home is to start a cactus collection. Cacti require very little maintenance, and only need to be watered once every two weeks to thrive. For your entry, cluster big-leafed house plants together for a lush focal point and beautiful first impression. A rubber tree plant would work well here, or make a statement with a big, glossy tree, such as the fiddle leaf fig.

In the living room, a macramé hanging pot holder is a great way to create a sense of height and visual interest – check out the cool retro selection at Maisons du Monde. And don’t neglect the kitchen; it’s the perfect place to arrange potted herbs, such as basil, mint and rosemary.

You’ll find lush examples across the country, including Home and Soul, the Habitat in the Courtyard, affordable choices at IKEA, and unique options at the Dubai Garden Centre. And if you’re looking to buy in bulk or snag a bargain, it’s worth driving out to the nurseries in Warsan, where you’ll find a staggering range of plants.

Fake it ‘til you make it

If you end up feeling more like a murderer than a plant whisperer every time you adopt a potted pal, then fear not. Faux options are of such high quality these days that they’d fool anyone. Head to IDdesign for affordable and beautifully made orchids, hyacinths, hydrangeas and more, or browse the Flowers by Chattels and More collection. They even have fake succulents in on-trend concrete planters. You’ll also find faux greenery in most home furniture stores, including Pan Emirates, Home Centre, IKEA and The One, and pricier options at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.