Lyndsay Bettles shares her family-friendly recipes with good magazine, including these easy fish tacos that are ready in no time.  

Serves 2 adults and 2 children

Battered fish has a bad reputation but as long as you cook it in fresh oil at the right temperature, you are essentially poaching it. So don’t shy away – you’ll be missing out!

2 eggs

2 tbs full-fat natural yoghurt, plus extra to serve

120g self-raising flour

2 tbs corn flour

4 tbs cold water

500g white fish, cut into 3cm cubes

Sunflower oil, to deep-fry

8 tortillas, warmed

12 cherry tomatoes, diced

1 spring onion, sliced

1 baby gem lettuce, leaves separated

Sriracha sauce (optional)

1) Whisk together egg, yoghurt, flours and water until

you have a thick batter. Add fish and coat. Set to one side. 2) Fill a small saucepan with sunflower oil about 3cm up the side of the pan. Heat oil over medium-high heat – it is ready when a piece of bread lightly sizzles once lowered in on a slotted spoon. 3) Once ready, lower the fish in with your slotted spoon in batches of 4, then cook for 2-3 minutes until golden and crisp. Do not cook for less than 2 minutes or in hotter oil as you need this length of time to get the crispy exterior and cook the fish through. 4) Remove with a slotted spoon onto kitchen paper to soak up excess oil, then sprinkle with sea salt. 5) Serve immediately in warm tortillas with tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce and a spoonful of yoghurt (and some Sriracha sauce if you or your kids like added heat).

Recipe by: Trained chef Lyndsay Bettles who now cooks for some of her toughest critics: her daughters Madeleine and Ester. Find her nutritious, easy recipes at