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Chef Lindsay Bettles of I Eat My Peas teamed up with Marks & Spencer to put together some beautiful Christmas canapés for The Good Life. “Christmas is one of those times when you want to be at home and you want to have food of extraordinary quality – and Marks & Spencer is exactly where you’ll find that,” says Lyndsay. “When you look at all these platters you’ll agree that it will feel like you’re dining out at one of the best restaurants in town.”


Baked Pié d’Angloys with shallot marmalade

Slice the Pié d’Angloys horizontally through the middle, then spread with Marks & Spencer shallot marmalade. Place the top half of the cheese wheel back on top, then wrap in foil and bake at 170°C for 10-12 minutes until bubbling and oozing. Serve immediately with Marks & Spencer honey roast parsnip crisps to dip.

Smoked salmon & cucumber blinis

Combine Marks & Spencer cream cheese with the grated zest of 1 lemon. Slice cucumber into thin ribbons using a vegetable peeler. Arrange Marks & Spencer cocktail blinis on a platter, then top each with a spoonful of cream cheese, a slice of Marks & Spencer Smoked Salmon, and a cucumber ribbon.

Goat’s cheese crostini with balsamic beetroot

In a food processor, whiz together Marks & Spencer Welsh goat’s cheese and a little crème fraiche. In a clean processor, blitz down Marks & Spencer balsamic beetroot cubes until finely diced. Pipe the goat’s cheese mixture onto Marks & Spencer French bread croutons, then top with beetroot and serve.

Little gem cups with chilli & coriander prawns

Arrange little gem lettuce leaves on a plate, then fill with Marks & Spencer chilli and coriander prawns, and drizzle with sweet chilli sauce.


Cheeseboard: arrange Marks & Spencer Tastes of the British Isles Cheese Lovers selection on a board with fresh grapes, chutneys, crackers, olives and nuts.

Seafood platter: place Marks & Spencer crab, lobster, salmon, prawns and mackerel paté on a platter. If desired, make a Marie Rose sauce by combining Marks & Spencer mayonnaise and tomato sauce in a bowl. Add lemon juice to taste, and a little olive oil to loosen.

Oriental board: heat Marks & Spencer Oriental Selection, Thai Fish Cakes, and Crispy Breaded Tiger Prawns according to packet instructions. Serve with bowls of sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce for dipping.


Christmas cake truffles

Break apart a Marks & Spencer Christmas cake, then whiz in a food processor until you have a ‘dough’. Melt 200g Marks & Spencer dark chocolate, then add to the cake mixture and stir until well combined. Using damp hands, mould the cake mixture into bitesized balls, then roll the truffles in crushed pistachios, peanuts, coconut or cocoa powder.

Baked mincemeat & custard tartlets

Arrange Marks & Spencer all-butter mini tartlets on a baking tray. Add a dollop of Marks & Spencer mincemeat to each tartlet, then top with a spoonful of Marks & Spencer custard. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 8-10 minutes until lightly golden and heated through.

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