After 12 years at Dubai Festival City, your favourite furniture brand has launched its own café, complete with its very own brand of coffee

What happens when an eco-conscious Swedish brand launches a new range of coffees? Introducing PÅTÅR – a sustainably-farmed, organic-certified range of delicious coffee, being served up daily at the newly-opened IKEA Café.

Why would they make their own organic coffee, you ask? Well, with more than 400 stores across the world, the IKEA brand is a giant in the furniture world. And it’s not just a giant. It’s a big, friendly, clever giant.

So, when the giant realised that it was serving up more than 100 million cups of coffee per year, it thought, “Well that is certainly a lot of coffee… I sure hope it is being farmed in a good, honest, responsible way that doesn’t damage the land or cripple the lives of the farmers.”

Cue UTZ certification in 2008, proving that IKEA coffee beans are grown using sustainable farming methods while ensuring good working conditions for farmers. This was followed up eight years later by an organic certification from the EU.

Pierre Zouein, Regional Manager IKEA Food and Beverages, says, “Building on UTZ, we also wanted our beans to be organically grown, meaning without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. This means healthier soils and less impact on the climate. Also, farmers are paid more for organic crops. That way they improve their livelihood while at the same time they’re safeguarding the environment.” What this all means is that organic coffee is a win-win situation – you get great coffee and the growers get a better income.

Now they have launched PÅTÅR – a special coffee with a unique taste, inspired by the Scandinavian coffee preferences of dark chocolate and berries, which is a single-origin 100 per cent Arabica coffee from Uganda, created in cooperation with thousands of small-scale farmers.

Read on to find out more about their new coffee and why you should make it your new favourite blend.

Fun Facts

The word PÅTÅR is a Swedish word meaning ‘second cup of coffee’.

IKEA coffee is fully traceable. Customers can easily check the origin of their IKEA coffee online, using the UTZ/IKEA online tracer

The best water temperature for brewing coffee is between 92°C to 96°C.

One coffee plant produces around 0.2 kg to 0.7 kg of coffee, which means that one tree roughly equals one package of coffee.

A coffee plant has to grow for around three years before coffee cherries can be harvested from it.