“We have so much to gain from looking after our bodies” 

Dubai author Mathilde Loujayne, who is from France and converted to Islam in 2002, writes about self-care in the second chapter of her new book Big Little Steps: A Woman’s Guide to Finding a Balanced Lifestyle. The following is an excerpt:

“We have so much to gain from looking after our bodies. This vessel will carry you through life, giving you a chance to laugh, a heart to love with and maybe the opportunity to have children. Do you want a body that allows you to enjoy life, to achieve your goals, to be there to look after your family for years to come? Because that power is in your hands.

Truly every aspect of life is taken into consideration in Islam, which is why it is not just a religion but a holistic way of life. Over time, adopting this lifestyle will allow spiritual growth and your serene energy will positively influence those around you.

Fasting and prayer are two pillars of Islam that focus not only on the spiritual rewards but on our bodies, too. Through this chapter, you will understand how these incredible self-care actions have personal benefits, as well as showing our respect for the human body and nature. It would not be whole without a brief introduction to the Golden Age of Muslim civilisation and its numerous advances in made in biology, chemistry, physics and healthcare between the eighth and thirteenth centuries. Floral water, also known as hydrolate, is one of many discoveries.

So, let’s connect our body, mind and soul – the Islamic way. Are you ready to reboot?”

Illustration by UAE artist Hatty Pedder. Big Little Steps (Dhs82) is available at Kinokuniya and Magrudy’s as well as through the book’s official website. Good readers get a 15 per cent discount with the coupon code BIGLITTLESTEPS15 biglittlestepsbook.com

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