Makes 12


560g pastry flour

I litre and 120 ml of water

170g butter

10g salt

2 eggs

cinnamon sugar

300g caster sugar

8g cinnamon powder

fudge sauce

170g good dark chocolate

70g butter

260ml water

230g white sugar

160g corn syrup

1) To make churros, weigh flour and sieve. Bring water, butter and salt to the boil. Reduce to medium heat and whisk in flour until a paste forms. Change to a spoon and continue stirring constantly for 3 to 4 minutes. 2) Remove from heat and put straight into a mixing bowl, mixing for three minutes to cool. Add eggs, scrape down and mix until combined. 3) Take off machine and place in a piping bag with a multi-star nozzle. Pipe onto a tray in 12cm lengths and freeze. 3) After frozen, remove and fry in oil heated to bubbling ntil golden brown. 4) Dust immediately with cinnamon sugar. 5) To make fudge sauce, melt the chocolate and butter over bain marie (double boiler). Add the chocolate mix to all other ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil. Continue to boil on medium heat for four minutes. Remove from heat and serve with churros.