1 sea bass, filleted

1 pack spinach, washed

140g baby potatoes

1 lemon, zested

100g carrot, peeled and julienned

1 courgette, julienned

120g red pepper, deseeded and julienned

1) Blanch the potatoes in boiling water until cooked. Drain and set aside. 2) Heat a little olive oil in a large frying pan, add the potatoes and sauté until golden. Add the spinach, season with salt and pepper, add the lemon zest and sauté for another minute or so, until the spinach wilts. Remove from the heat. 3) Sauté the julienned vegetables in the hot pan, until softened. 4) Add a little more olive oil to the hot pan, season the sea bass pieces with salt and pepper, then place them, skin down, in the hot pan. Cook for a few minutes until the skin is crisp, then turn and sear until cooked through. Serve with the potatoes and sautéed vegetables.